Ageless Honorees - 2011

Rose Allen: 2011 Ageless Honoree

Rose Allen

“I have never been one to be idle. Time goes by so fast, and I just want to do as much as I can.”

Rose Allen is a remarkable and selfless woman who has dedicated her golden years to serving others.

Col. Frank Bick: 2011 Ageless Honoree

Col. Frank Bick

“BackStoppers is a marvelous organization. The best thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Newspaperman, philanthropist, civic leader. At 84, Frank Bick continues to leave his mark on the St. Louis region.

Caroline Fisher: 2011 Ageless Honoree

Caroline Fisher

“My daughter says, ‘Mom, you’re always teaching.’ I just can’t help it. It’s a part of me.”

Caroline Fisher has dedicated her life to teaching others and, at age 87, she’s not finished yet.

George Fonyo: 2011 Ageless Honoree

George Fonyo

“It’s all about attitude. You just need to get up and get going.”

George Fonyo puts his business skills and knowledge to work these days to help our region’s leading institutions achieve their goals.

Eleanor Gershien: 2011 Ageless Honoree

Eleanor Gershien

“No 35-year-old can out do me.”

Eleanor Gershien, age 80, brings a can-do attitude to her work, her art, her hobbies and everything she touches.

Milton Hieken: 2011 Ageless Honoree

Milton Hieken

“I think that you should try to leave this world a little better place than you found it.”

Milton Hieken has devoted his retirement years to supporting many of our region’s cultural institutions. But it is music that has become his first love.

Charles Hoessle: 2011 Ageless Honoree

Charles Hoessle

“I’m a little bit mischievous, and sometimes I get a little close to the edge. But I always try to live up the standards that my family and my friends expect of me.”

Charlie Hoessle may have retired from the Zoo after 38 years, but his legacy and his involvement have never waned.

W.F. Samuel Hopmeier: 2011 Ageless Honoree

W.F. Samuel Hopmeier

“Get out and do something. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it makes a contribution to others as well as for yourself.”

Sam Hopmeier knows how to be successful, and he’s spending his retirement helping others discover those same secrets.

Helen Hume: 2011 Ageless Honoree

Helen Hume

“To be able to share my love of art is a privilege.”

Helen Hume has dedicated her life to teaching others to share her love of art.

Rev. Donald Hunter: 2011 Ageless Honoree

Rev. Donald Hunter

“Love people and people will love you back.”

Rev. Donald Hunter, pastor at New Sunny Mount Missionary Baptist Church, is a true anchor of the community in North St. Louis.

Ernest Jaworski, Ph.D.: 2011 Ageless Honoree

Ernest Jaworski, Ph.D.

“Helping people understand science at a lay level is paramount.”

Dr. Ernest Jaworski is one of the country’s pioneers in the field of biotechnology and agricultural research, and he remains committed to teaching others to carry on his work.

Sr. Madelene Reiners: 2011 Ageless Honoree

Sr. Madelene Reiners

“I’ve made a lot of friends doing this. And I don’t do anything special. I’m just me.”

Sister Madelene Reiners, C.PP.S., age 90, retired from a career in education, only to discover a hidden talent for fundraising.

Bro. Leo Slay: 2011 Ageless Honoree

Bro. Leo Slay

“The best way I can be of service to others is to help them serve God and his people with much happiness because of what I do in Food Service.”

Brother Leo Slay, S.M., has been serving others for decades with great food, unparalleled service and a desire to bring happiness to those around him.

Jesse C. Swanigan: 2011 Ageless Honoree

Jesse C. Swanigan

“Keep moving ahead, live your life. You never know, you might live to be 100!”

Jesse Swanigan has dedicated his life to bringing people together and finding ways to improve the quality of life in the community for everyone.

Kenneth Teasdale: 2011 Ageless Honoree

Kenneth Teasdale

“I really do believe in trying to help people as much as you can.”

Kenneth Teasdale is using his extensive legal and civic background to help others achieve success across the St. Louis region.

Phyllis Tirmenstein: 2011 Ageless Honoree

Phyllis Tirmenstein

Phyllis Tirmenstein positively impacts the
St. Louis community every day through her role as advisor to the Roland Quest Memorial Fund. 

Virginia Trent: 2011 Ageless Honoree

Virginia Trent

“True, we cannot always see the results of our commitment for we have learned that when we throw a pebble into a stream and watch the ripples form, we cannot foresee how the ripples will grow into waves that may touch many lives and may bless others in ways we cannot even dream of.”
Now engrossed in a 3rd career, as a meeting planner and wedding consultant, Virginia Trent continues to bring her unique style and talents to events large and small across the St. Louis area.

William Van Luven: 2011 Ageless Honoree

William Van Luven

“Going forward, I plan to continue an active, productive life, including ongoing participation in the volunteer area.”

At age 80, Bill Van Luven is still creating jobs, mentoring others and reaching out to help those less fortunate.

Jean Woodard: 2011 Ageless Honoree

Jean Woodard

“Persistence pays.”

At age 91, Jean Woodard still volunteers every week as a volunteer nurse in the Emergency Department at St. Anthony’s Hospital.

Paul Young, Ph.D.: 2011 Ageless Honoree

Paul Young, Ph.D.

“I’ve given it my all and it’s been well received. So I’m thankful for that. I don’t know why God has been so good to me.”

Dr. Paul Young has been one of the most popular and most respected professors at Saint Louis University’s School of Medicine for the past 55 years…and he hasn’t stopped yet.