Past Honorees

Alphabetical List of Honorees

Abell, Ben Class of 2009
Adderton, Marlyn Class of 2010
Alegre, Jorge M. M.D. Class of 2018
Allen, Marjorie Class of 2013
Allen, Rose Class of 2011
Altman, Ilse Class of 2008
Armbruster, Rosemary Class of 2005
Aronson, Judith Class of 2008
Atchison, Willis Class of 2008
Aylward, Margaret (Marge) Class of 2018
Babington, Sarah Class of 2005
Bahle, Melvin Class of 2009
Bailis, Eunice Class of 2016
Baker, Mariann Laue Class of 2018
Ball, William Class of 2012
Bannes, Ann R. Class of 2014
Barker, Gladys Class of 2008
Barney, Dr. Karen Frank Class of 2022
Barsanti, John R. Jr. Class of 2007
Batten, Jack Class of 2017
Beare, Gene Class of 2004
Beimdiek, Carolyn Class of 2012
Beimdiek, Donald Class of 2004
Benner, Elizabeth Class of 2014
Bell, Sister Judith Ann, FSM Class of 2017
Bell, Wilzetta M. Class of 2019
Bentley, Judy Class of 2017
Berberich, Walter Class of 2006
Berges, James G. Class of 2023
Berra, Donald Class of 2016
Bess, C. Robert Class of 2012
Betts-Mars, Delores Class of 2012
Bick, Col. Frank Class of 2011
Birk, Joseph E. Jr. Esq. Class of 2010
Bodine, Jack Class of 2006
Boekemeier, Donald W. Class of 2016
Boland, Sr. Bernard Marie Class of 2003
Bommarito, Vincent J. Class of 2008
Brady M.D., Dr. Harry R. Class of 2019
Brasch, Rosalie Class of 2006
Broun, Gloria Class of 2019
Bruemmer, Mary Class of 2012
Brightman, John Class of 2009
Britt, Pat Class of 2014
Broeg, RobertClass of 2003
Bronson, MartyClass of 2003
Brooks, RubyClass of 2003
Brown, CarrieClass of 2008
Brucker, Sr. BettyClass of 2003
Bunce, PeterClass of 2009
Burns, HelenClass of 2003
Cahn, Elissa and PaulClass of 2010
Campbell, Dr. William Class of 2023
Carlson, DonClass of 2017
Carpenter, Will and HellenClass of 2017
Clark, Maxine Class of 2023
Cohen, LouClass of 2017
Coleman, HowardClass of 2003
Conrad, Fredrick KennethClass of 2009
Cook, RuthClass of 2004
Cornelius, Ginger and Bill Class of 2010
Costello, FrankClass of 2003
Cox, Mary Elise Class of 2023
Creamer, Alice and Bill Class of 2012
Crews, Rev. Dr. Warren E. Class of 2023
Crowder, JeanClass of 2006
D’Wolff, Fr. James FrancisClass of 2005
Davis, CarleneClass of 2008
Davis, Herman Class of 2012
Davis, IrvinClass of 2007
Davis, MattieClass of 2014
Davison, RosemaryClass of 2009
Dew, ThomasClass of 2007
Dick, PatriciaClass of 2003
DiFranco, AnnClass of 2008
DiFranco, Constantino (Tino)Class of 2006
Dirnberger, EllenClass of 2006
Dowd, CarolClass of 2006
Dowd, JeanetteClass of 2005
Drey, LeoClass of 2005
Drummond, RobertClass of 2005
Drury, Shirley and Charles, Sr. Class of 2018
Duggan, MaeClass of 2004
Duggan, MartinClass of 2003
Duhme, CarolClass of 2015
Dyer, JacquelineClass of 2015
Early, Dr. Gerald Class of 2022
Eckhoff, Sr. MaryAnn, SSND Class of 2007
Ebo, Sr. Antona Class of 2015
Eddy, Marjorie Class of 2005
Ellerbrake, Johann and Richard Class of 2010
Engelhardt, Gene PhD Class of 2007
Essen, Don and Pat Class of 2007
Eultgen, Sr. Mary Ann, SCC Class of 2013
Faherty, Rev. William SJ Class of 2006
Feehan, Agusta "Gussie" Class of 2012
Finch, Mary Ellen PhD Class of 2010
Finnie, Dr. William C. Class of 2022
Fisher, Caroline Class of 2011
Flance, Jerome MD Class of 2003
Fonyo, George Class of 2011
Frank, Harris Class of 2010
Frohlichstein, Carolyn Class of 2014
Freeman, Frankie Muse Class of 2006
Freeman, Robert PhD Class of 2004
Freiberger, Dr. Norm Class of 2012
Fries, John MD Class of 2003
Friskel, Arthur K. MD Class of 2005
Freeman, Ellsie Class of 2014
Fu, ShiChun MD Class of 2004
Fulton, Rev. Evlyn Class of 2003
Furfine, Allen Class of 2007
Gale, Arthur Class of 2017
Gallant, Paul J. Class of 2018
Garfinkel, Judith Class of 2014
Gassaway, Mary Class of 2008
Gates, Clifton Class of 2005
Gehringer, Barbara Class of 2017
Georgieff, Katja PhD Class of 2004
Gerber, Don Class of 2013
Gerdine, Alice Class of 2003
Gershien, Eleanore Class of 2011
Gibbons, Mike Sr. Class of 2016
Gibson, Vivian Class of 2023
Gillespie, Rev. William Class of 2003
Glassberg, Sonya (Sunny) Class of 2006
Gleason, Jane Piper Class of 2022
Goldford, Marvin Class of 2003
Graham, Annie Class of 2009
Graham, Jamie Class of 2003
Green, J. Robert Class of 2008
Greenlaw, Paul Class of 2014
Gregory, Dr. Ronald Class of 2018
Grigg, Margaret Class of 2003
Grote, Robert Jr. Class of 2006
Guerri, William Class of 2006
Gundaker, Gordon Class of 2010
Hanses, Judith Robertson Class of 2015
Harbison, Earle Jr. Class of 2016
Harris, Anna Class of 2014
Harris, Dorothy Class of 2006
Harris, Whitney Class of 2003
Hartwig, Juanita Class of 2012
Hatten, Marie Class of 2009
Hejna, JoAnn Class of 2007
Hermann, Mary Lee and Bob Class of 2012
Herring, Elizabeth Class of 2013
Hieken, Milton Class of 2011
Higginbotham, Bruce Class of 2005
Higginbotham, Sally Class of 2005
Hobler, Jean Class of 2003
Hockett, Anita Class of 2013
Hofstetter, Ray Class of 2017
Hope, Harry Class of 2011
Hoessle, Charles Class of 2003
Hood, Thomas Class of 2014
Hope, Harry Class of 2011
Hopmeier, W.F. Samuel Class of 2011
Houlihan, Michael Class of 2022
Houston, Ann Dinning Class of 2016
Hume, HelenClass of 2011
Hunter, Rev. DonaldClass of 2011
Hyatt, BarryClass of 2013
Hylton, Rev. Dr. Samuel Jr.Class of 2007
Jackson, CharlesClass of 2005
Jackson, EdnadellClass of 2010
Jaffe, SandyClass of 2016
Jaworski, Ernest PhDClass of 2011
Joiner, Deacon James Class of 2013
Kann, StanClass of 2003
Karl, Irene PhDClass of 2004
Kapsar, PatriciaClass of 2015
Kegler, Michael and KatharinaClass of 2003
Kendall, SamanthaClass of 2003
Kennedy, JamesClass of 2016
Kenner, Winfred "Wimpy"Class of 2010
Kiley, Jim Class of 2022
Kimbrough, Mary Class of 2003
Kimmey, James R. PhDClass of 2010
Kipnis, David MD Class of 2005
Kilo, Dr. CharlesClass of 2013
Kling, RosieClass of 2013
Klingler, ElizabethClass of 2010
Knight, DaleClass of 2006
Knight, Newell (Jim) Jr.Class of 2008
Knoll, Gail LeeClass of 2016
Knoll, WalterClass of 2003
Knowles,William PhD Class of 2007
Kodner, IraClass of 2017
Kolkmeier, Kenneth J.Class of 2016
Konnecker, Ann LeeClass of 2010
Konnecker, Wilfred PhDClass of 2010
Kranzberg, Ken Class of 2013
Kreh, Kent PhDClass of 2015
Kretschmar, TedClass of 2017
Krumrey, Joan and NormClass of 2017
Lainoff, FritziClass of 2013
Lawton, Barbara PerryClass of 2006
Lee, E. DesmondClass of 2003
Lee, HarriettClass of 2003
Lee, MaryAnnClass of 2009
Lefler, SallyClass of 2015
Leitner, VirginiaClass of 2012
Lemke, LarryClass of 2014
Levy, SallyClass of 2008
Lewis, MeltonClass of 2004
Liberman, Lee PhDClass of 2004
Liggett, Margaret PhDClass of 2015
Limbaugh, Stephen Class of 2013
Lindenberg, EarlClass of 2016
Londoff, JohnClass of 2003
Lopata, LucyClass of 2004
Losos, Carolyn W.Class of 2008
Lubeley, HelenClass of 2003
Luepke, JudyClass of 2017
Macauley, EdClass of 2004
Magee, W.E. (Ed) MDClass of 2004
Manlin, BettyClass of 2005
Mason, AnnaClass of 2004
Mastorakos, Mary Ann Class of 2022
Mathews, Martin Class of 2005
Mayo, AldineClass of 2004
McCullough, Diane Class of 2022
McDonnell, Arthur Class of 2017
McDonnell, Sanford and PriscillaClass of 2003
McFarland, Dr. MaryClass of 2016
McGowan, Sr. Mary FSMClass of 2005
McKee, Gregory GlennClass of 2008
McKelvey, JackClass of 2006
McMillian, The Honorable TheodoreClass of 2003
McNamee, HelenClass of 2004
Melser, Harold A. Class of 2019
Messing, WilmaClass of 2003
Meurer, Sr. Jeanne Marie FSMClass of 2012
Meyer,Brother Mel SM Class of 2004
Miller, Jefferson L.Class of 2005
Millstone, I.E.Class of 2003
Mitchell, Sr. Thelma Marie FSMClass of 2012
Moloney, JamesClass of 2003
Moore, Dorothy Jane Class of 2012
Moore, MarieClass of 2003
Motzel, Sr. Jacqueline, FSM Class of 2019
Murdock, Sandra Class of 2015
Musgrave, John R. Class of 2022
Nash, Homer E. MD Class of 2003
Nelson, KathrynClass of 2003
Nelson, Roger MDClass of 2005
Nestel, Sr. Mary Ann, CSJ Class of 2019
O'Brien, NancyClass of 2006
O'Byrne, Faye BethClass of 2005
Obata, GyoClass of 2003
Orf, Sister Marie Class of 2023
Otis, OpalClass of 2003
Paine, Robert MDClass of 2003
Parks, BeatriceClass of 2004
Parram, HenriettaClass of 2017
Peck, William MD Class of 2008
Peng, Tzy Cheng PhDClass of 2003
Pepper, Lenore and EdwinClass of 2009
Phillips, Billie Mckindra Class of 2012
Picker, IrmaClass of 2006
Polizzi, Rev. Msgr. SalvatoreClass of 2007
Potter, RayClass of 2015
Powell, Carol Class of 2018
Primm, James PhDClass of 2003
Pruitt, Judith Class of 2023
Putney, Edwin Sr.Class of 2007
Quicksilver, JoanClass of 2014
Rand, Rev. JaneClass of 2015
Ramsay, John Martin PhDClass of 2006
Rave, Dr. PeterClass of 2016
Reid, ErmaClass of 2016
Reid, Vitilas (Veto)Class of 2006
Reiners, Sr. MadeleneClass of 2011
Rickmeyer, Jay C. Class of 2018
Rives, Sr. Mary Patricia RSCJClass of 2005
Roarty, MikeClass of 2004
Roberts, JudyClass of 2017
Roland, DarleneClass of 2014
Rosenberg, MendelClass of 2014
Rubin, Bruce Class of 2023
Rush, Genevieve (Gene)Class of 2006
Sachs, LeroyClass of 2012
Sanders, John E. Class of 2023
Sansone, Sr., Anthony F.Class of 2009
Savage, Ted Class of 2019
Schicker, WilliamClass of 2009
Schmitt, EugeniaClass of 2004
Schneider, Harvey G. Class of 2018
Schneider, VernClass of 2007
Schoenbeck, Albert E.Class of 2005
Schoenecker, Dr. Perry and Sally Class of 2019
Schreimann, Hank and GiniClass of 2003
Schultz, EarlClass of 2017
Schwarz, Dr. EgonClass of 2009
Scott, MargaretClass of 2008
Seidhoff, BillClass of 2017
Shaughnessy, JosephClass of 2014
Shaw, Mary Ann and Richard Class of 2018
Shayer, SydellClass of 2009
Shayne, IrwinClass of 2013
Sheffield, Glenn Class of 2012
Shifrin, Walter Class of 2012
Siegmund, AnitaClass of 2014
Sims, Senator BettyClass of 2012
Singer, Suzsanne PhD Class of 2010
Slavin, Raymond MDClass of 2015
Slay, Bro. LeoClass of 2011
Slay, Francis R.Class of 2007
Smith, FloydClass of 2003
Smith, Jackie Class of 2019
Smith, Kenneth Jr. MDClass of 2007
Smith, MarjorieClass of 2009
Smith, Verna PhD Class of 2003
Snyder, RobertClass of 2017
Spilker, HarrietClass of 2013
Spitzer, MildredClass of 2005
Sprick, BarbaraClass of 2008
St. James, Clif and NanceClass of 2004
Stauder, ArthurClass of 2007
Stephans, GeorgeClass of 2007
Stern, George and ElisabethClass of 2007
Stern, NormaClass of 2004
Stuekel, RogerClass of 2013
Steinmeyer, Daniel and VioletClass of 2015
Stevens, BennieClass of 2006
Stewart, OllieMaeClass of 2008
Strosnider, JackClass of 2009
Suggs, BettyClass of 2014
Suggs, Donald DDS Class of 2007
Suhre, WalterClass of 2010
Swanigan, Jesse C.Class of 2011
Symes, PeggyClass of 2013
Tao, Dr. WilliamClass of 2009
Teasdale, KennethClass of 2011
Thalmann, Ruediger MDClass of 2005
Thaman, RalphClass of 2016
Thomas, Rance PhDClass of 2010
Thompson, BerniceClass of 2017
Throdahl, JosephineClass of 2004
Tillman, Dr. MaryClass of 2013
Tirmenstein, PhyllisClass of 2011
Torrini, RudyClass of 2003
Touhill, Blanche PhDClass of 2003
Tourville, AliceClass of 2007
Towater, JaneClass of 2014
Trent, VirginiaClass of 2011
Trevor, JeanneClass of 2013
Turley, Clarence "Turk"Class of 2008
Van Luven, WilliamClass of 2011
Van Uum, Betty Class of 2019
Vargas, Ted C., M.D. Class of 2018
Verry, ErinClass of 2016
Virgil, Bob Class of 2018
Volk, Sister LeoRita FSMClass of 2004
Von Hoffmann, BettyClass of 2010
Voorhees, The Honorable Alphonso Class of 2007
Walker, EarlClass of 2009
Walker, The Hon. George Herbert III Class of 2009
Wallace, Harvey N. Class of 2022
Walters, JohnClass of 2016
Weidenbaum, MurrayClass of 2006
Weidman, JamesClass of 2015
Weiss, HelenClass of 2014
Weisman, Carol Class of 2023
Wekenborg, Sr M. Cordula Class of 2005
Whittico, James MDClass of 2006
Wilde, KenClass of 2015
Willis, DorothyClass of 2015
Willman, WalterClass of 2004
Wilson, EarlClass of 2008
Wiltse, RodClass of 2016
Wolff, EdithClass of 2007
Wolff, ElaineClass of 2010
Wolff, Dr. Patricia Class of 2023
Wolgram, Dr. EdwinClass of 2013
Wood, Floyd (Ed)Class of 2007
Woodard, JeanClass of 2011
Wool, MarvinClass of 2003
Wright, Katie Harper EdD Class of 2007
Yampolsky, Bruce Class of 2022
Young, James and Myrtice Class of 2003
Young, Paul PhDClass of 2011
Zacny, EugeniaClass of 2005
Zaharias, AlexandraClass of 2009