Ageless Honorees - 2010

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Marlyn Adderton

"I'm devoted to kids. You do what you can, however little that may be."

Marlyn Adderton says: "Learning is a compulsion;" one that she is happy to share with others.

Joseph E. Birk, Jr., Esq.: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Joseph E. Birk, Jr., Esq.

"I've always believed in doing your best. Do the right thing as you see it."

Joe Birk has been a strong advocate for children throughout his career and a successful leader in resolving issues for the betterment of the community.

Elissa and Paul Cahn: 2010 Ageless Honorees

Elissa & Paul Cahn

"To be happy to me means to stay occupied and always try new challenges." Elissa

"Being competitive is important. Part of enjoyment in life is to be competitive." Paul

Paul and Elissa Cahn are philanthropists, art collectors and successes in their respective careers in business and education.

Ginger and Bill Cornelius: 2010 Ageless Honorees

Ginger & William Cornelius

"I've enjoyed everything I've done. It's important to be involved as much as you can, to keep learning and to keep an interest in people." Ginger

"Keeping active and continuing to serve the community keeps you younger." Bill

"Interested citizens" Bill and Ginger Cornelius share a love of St. Louis and a desire to work for a better tomorrow.

Johann and Richard Ellerbrake: 2010 Ageless Honorees

Johann & Richard Ellerbrake

"From very early on, I have felt I have been given certain gifts. And those gifts were really not mine to keep. They were mine to share and the sharing has really made life very exciting." Johann

"Part of my sense of what's important is to not get hung up on temporal problems, but to look at everything as a work in the making." Richard

Retired executives Richard and Johann Ellerbrake continue to devote their lives to growing a better world.

Mary Ellen Finch, Ph.D.: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Mary Ellen Finch, Ph.D.

“Am I making a difference in the lives of students? That’s what I’m really focused on.”

As Vice President of Academic Affairs at Maryville University, Dr. Mary Ellen Finch works to “help our faculty be the very best they can be.”

Harris Frank: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Harris Frank

"As you get older and are able to do something important, that's an extra bonus. We don't really have any control over how long our journey is going to be, but we do have a control on how we can live our life."

Harris Frank helped start the National Senior Olympics so that "people could see what really fit individuals can do with their lives and how it can prolong the quality of their lives."

Gordon Gundaker: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Gordon Gundaker

"If I died tomorrow, I could honestly say, 'I've done it all.'"

Gordon Gundaker built St. Louis' most successful real estate business, and he has generously shared his success with dozens of charities throughout the years.

Ednadell Jackson: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Ednadell Jackson

"I believe in treating my fellow man right if I can. If I can't, I just walk away and pray for them."

Ednadell Jackson has been an active volunteer in the City of St. Louis for more than 36 years.

Winfred "Wimpy" Kenner: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Winfred "Wimpy" Kenner

"Being out and working with people makes me feel good, and I think I'm helping them too."

Winfred "Wimpy" Kenner spends much of his week sharing the history of Jefferson Barracks with visitors and tour groups of all ages.

James R. Kimmey, Ph.D.: 2010 Ageless Honoree

James R. Kimmey, Ph.D.

"I don't know what I would do if I retired. I have too much unfinished business."

Dr. James Kimmey, president and CEO of the Missouri Foundation for Health, is one of the country's most respected experts on health care policy.

Elizabeth Klinger: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Elizabeth Klingler

"My whole motto is: 'What have you done for other people?'"

At age 80, Elizabeth Klingler discovered a new career as a comedienne. She even published a book of her favorite jokes, "Laugh with Liz." Four years later, the book is now in its third edition.

Ann Lee and Wilfred Konnecker, Ph.D.: 2010 Ageless Honorees

Ann Lee & Wilfred Konneker, Ph.D.

"It's just a matter of setting standards and living up to them." Ann Lee

"It gives me the greatest pleasure to pay back and/or to help out young kids just starting out." Wilfred

Dr. Wilfred and Ann Lee Konneker are two of our region's most generous and active philanthropists.

Suzanne Singer, Ph.D.: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Suzsanne Singer, Ph.D.

"Simple acts of tender mercy will eventually tilt the earth on its axis and, slowly, the world will be changed."

Dr. Suzsanne Singer survived crippling diseases and the Nazi occupation of her native Austria to become an example of how one person can make a difference in the lives of thousands of others.

Walter Suhre: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Walter Suhre

"It's important to give back. I get enormous pleasure in putting things back into the well."

From corporate vice president to volunteer clown, Walter Suhre has brought wisdom, laughter and a caring attitude to everyone he meets.

Rance Thomas, Ph.D.: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Rance Thomas, Ph.D.

"I need something to do. I enjoy being of service and helping people with their concerns. I can't see myself doing anything else."

Dr. Rance Thomas' life has been dedicated to helping people overcome their fears and misunderstandings. His efforts have touched the lives of thousands.

Arthur Visor, Ph.D.: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Arthur Visor, Ph.D.

"It's appreciation for what someone has done for me. I wouldn't be able to do these things if someone hadn't volunteered to be an organ donor."

Volunteer extraordinaire Dr. Arthur Visor received an organ donation 12 years ago. He's been giving back ever since.

Betty Von Hoffmann: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Betty Von Hoffmann

"It's through communication that you learn and I have learned every day of my life."

Betty Von Hoffman started Stages St. Louis in her basement. Today, it is one of St. Louis' most renowned and successful professional theaters.

Elaine Wolff: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Elaine Wolff

"Attitude affects everybody in some way. You can be whichever way you want with the proper attitude."

Elaine Wolff's positive attitude brings a smile to everyone's face, but it is her own park-like property that she carefully maintains that brings her real delight.