Endowment Gifts

When you make a gift to St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation endowment fund you are making an investment that will provide reliable, long-term funding for our services to vulnerable seniors.

St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation offers two (2) types of Endowment Funds:.

General (Unrestricted) Endowment Fund
The purpose of the General Fund is to provide sustaining financial support for the general operations of St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation and its various programs and services. The General Fund has been created to encourage current and planned gifts to benefit St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation. There is no minimum gift amount required to make a gift to the General Endowment Fund.

Specific (Restricted) Funds
Donors may designate their Endowment Gift for an Area of Interest or Named Endowment Fund. Designated Endowment Funds have a required minimum gift amount and will need to be approved by the leadership and Board of Directors of St. Andrew’s.

For more information or to make a gift to the endowment fund, please contact Janet Leigh at 314-802-1940 or [email protected]

Endowment Gifts