SHFS Perfect Storm

September 3, 2021

SHFS Perfect Storm

Right now our Safe Home for Seniors program has the longest waiting list we have ever had. These seniors need critical home repairs and modifications like chair lifts and handrails to prevent them from injury. The waiting list has grown drastically partly because there have been more homebound seniors and COVID-19 was keeping our repairmen from safely entering homes to make repairs.

Along with that, we are dealing with astronomically expensive lumber and labor costs. With construction material and labor costs increased, we cannot afford the materials to complete as many home repairs as we have in the past.

This is arguably the worst time to lack funds for completing as many home repairs as possible because right now there are 70 seniors like Pat* around St. Louis who need our help.

To learn more about Safe Home for Seniors and how you can support us, you can visit:

*Ask if lumber prices and challenges SHFS has could go in the annual report because they’re specific challenges for this year

*Ask if we should leave out that there is a lack of labor and just say there’s lack of funds so people will be more likely to donate because they can fix that problem

  1. Waiting List - 70 in the city and county
    1. We could not get in the homes due to COVID...we can there is a backlog
  2. Agencies are overwhelmed
    1. Sheer volume of request for services
    2. Increase cost of material
    3. Lack of available labor
    4. Perfect storm
  3. Example
    1. GCM left message for someone on our waiting list
    2. The lady called back in tears
    3. She had made calls to several agencies for help….we were the only one that returned her call
  4. Keep seniors safe
    1. Need grab bars, railings and raised toilet seats
    2. Doctors send Occupational Therapist (OT) to seniors homes for evaluation
    3. OT is recommending grab bars….to reduce risk of falls
    4. Insurance companies are denying requests
    5. Gap in services – we fill it
    6. City dwellers live in homes with steep steps to front doors – with no railing. Insurance companies will not pay for porch railings – we do