The Willows Residents Raised Money for Employee Bus Shelter

January 29, 2020

Group Photo with Resident and Employees
Bus shelter donors with The Willows and Brooking Park employees

Every day the residents at The Willows and Brooking Park interact with employees throughout the different departments like the kitchen staff, activities, housekeeping, nursing, front desk, and many other areas. We are blessed to have such exceptional employees who strive daily to provide for the residents’ needs in a caring, professional and skillful manner which is why the residents wanted to give back and do something special for the employees.

The residents noticed that many of the employees have to ride the bus to get to and from work. Sometimes this means the employee will be on the bus for hours each day which is already uncomfortable. Now imagine having to sit on that bus for hours after working all day and standing at an uncovered bus stop when it is raining, snowing, or below freezing. A group of residents saw this happening and knew that these employees just needed a little bit of a break.

With the help of St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation, the residents came together and raised $44,200 for the employee bus shelter. The bus shelter was completed earlier this month just in time for the snowy season. Now when employees are waiting for the bus to go home they no longer have to brave the elements.

Thank you to all of the residents that donated to the employee bus shelter:

Rainy Day Heroes

Carl Bohl

Roger Dierberg

Sally and Derick Driemeyer

Shelter Stars

Anna and Howard Anthes

Lonnie Aronson

Mariann and Frank Baker

Donald Boekemeier- In Memory of Dorothy Boekemeier

Mary and Ed Burwell

Margaret Daake

Sally and Senator Jack Danforth

Margaret and James Hade

Katie Klingler

Nancy and Rabbi Elliot Rosenstock

Linda and Todd Sanders

Joan and Jim Schmidt

Donald Stookey

Alice Vosburgh


Eva and Fred Ashner

Delores Clark

Mary and Tom Evans

Helen Hume

Carole and Walter Jones

Lucie and Chuck Peyton

Linda Solla

Mary and Bill Stewart

Donna Weber

Jack Brennan

Ann and Michael Ehnatko

Joanne Gardner

Carl Jackson

JoAnn Moore

Bruce Phillips

Mary Steinhubl

Sharon and Bob Thiemann